I have this wonderfully talented crony who goes by the name of Kate. Not only does she share my passion for video games, but additionally she is a very gifted photographer. So this year I invited her to attended E3 with me to capture some shots from the showroom floor for my coverage. Once she was turned loose she managing to not only capture the essence of the show, but frankly I think she's done it on an artistic level that no one else has (this includes professional outlets like IGN or 1UP.)

Though her composition is obviously strong, to me it boils down to the way she captured the shows broad use of colors. More than anything it really drives home the feeling of E3. It's interesting because when I was at the show I was in a state of sensory overload, from the larger than life visuals, thunderous sounds (hello EA!) and even the sometimes awful smell. But it wasn't until I was in the comfort of my office looking at her photos that I was struck with how vibrate the showroom floor was.

So head on over to I.Shoot.Games to see the rest of the 79 glorious photos in a larger format.

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