Halo Reach Picture Contest: Make Me Laugh!

Last week Microsoft graciously offered me some Halo Reach Multiplayer codes to participate in the beta. I highly considered offering them to friends and family (as the Microsoft's Program title intended) but I decided to give them out to a certain group of people who I knew would appreciate them more--my followers on Twitter. Most of the codes were given out via general video game trivia, however three of those codes were given away through a photo contest.

The requirements were simple enough--be goofy, make me laugh and have "I.Eat.Games." visibly written on a piece of paper to prove authenticity. I gave the gang 4 hours so there was enough time for the creative types.

The results were unexpectedly spectacular and incredibly hilarious. When submissions rolled in I had no idea that so many people would literally put to use my blogs name--I.Eat.Games..

The following three pictures are the winners. They made me laugh more than the others and were rewarded with a Reach beta code.

I found this submission hilarious because he was willing to publicly bathe in a bird bath of humiliation, but also the look of shame on his face locked it in for me. All for a video game. He later informed me that he actually managed to break the bird bath immediately after taking the photo. It was worth it.

I found this submission adorably amusing because the subject's sense of humor center around one whom I'm a fan of--Groucho Marx.

This submission made me laugh more than any other, and I love the addition "and they hurt".

Here are the rest of the submissions--enjoy!

What did you think? Leave me a post here letting me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


DLRPR said...

OMG - These are hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

That is SOO awesome! Everyone did such a great job! You gamers ROCK!

Buy Aion Accounts said...

Nice one! It is such quite a fun and interesting topic you have here. Keep it up and more funny pics to come!